Severn Valley Railway Shareholder Review

Durnin Research Ltd is delighted to have been appointed to deliver a Shareholder Review of The Severn Valley Railway.  This review will capture evidence from, and the perspectives of, the whole of the SVR shareholding community on engagement with the Railway, and the value placed on shareholder entitlements, both currently and in the future. 

The work will include a shareholders survey, and workshops where a selection of survey participants will review survey evidence and debate a range of potential recommendations.  The key findings from the research will be presented at the AGM on June 11th 2022

Jonathan Durnin, who is currently part of the team evaluating the Falling Sands Viaduct project, has been known to have a reasonable knowledge of heritage railways and if pushed can tell the difference between a Churchward and a Hawksworth County Class engine. 

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