AIM publishes the revised 2019 Economic Impact Tookit

Produced by DC Research and Durnin Research, and supported by funding from Arts Council England, the Association of Independent Museum’s (AIM) latest report on the Economic Impact of the Independent Museum Sector and the updated AIM Economic Impact has been published.

Through its easy-to-use methodology the toolkit helps heritage organisations estimate the overall economic impact they have on their local economy, offering insights that can boost their advocacy work, as well as improve feedback to funding bodies.

AIM Director, Emma Chaplin:

The 2019 edition of AIM’s Economic Impact Toolkit builds on previous releases, updating key datasets and offering even more levels of analysis.

We feel this easy-to-use tool enables heritage organisations to assess their impact with clarity, helping them highlight the ongoing and significant contribution they make to the economies of their local area, and thus also our national economy.”

For more information and the reports, please see: