Layers of History evaluation report published

Layers of History was created by Heritage Lincolnshire to give volunteers the opportunity to discover, understand and investigate those aspects of Lincolnshire’s historic landscapes that are less obvious, perhaps only a few lumps or bumps in the ground, or an abandoned lump of concrete with mysterious metal protrusions.

Starting in 2017, Layers set out to engage over 200 volunteers during a three-year period. The project aimed to show volunteers how to study and research the landscape using archaeological surveying techniques and other research tools; it achieved this through online courses and local workshops. 

The evaluation was tasked with

  • Capturing and assessing the extent to which Layers performed in terms of meeting the conditions of its support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund,
  • Capturing wider learning to shape how Heritage Lincolnshire approaches the future delivery of community volunteering and delivering health and wellbeing activity (both on its own and in partnership with others).

Check out the evaluation report, produced by Durnin Research, at